Dave Jackson plays the Strathearn Art Walk stage


Dave Jackson, owner operator of The Wired Cup in Strathearn, is a man of many talents.


Adorning the walls of his successful neighbourhood coffee shop and cafe are the portraits he has been painting and selling for a good portion of his adult family life.


His foray in entrepreneurship was preceded by a fruitful career as a graphic designer.


Jackson was a big supporter of the Strathearn Art Walk in it’s early days and will be participating creatively this year playing guitar and singing original songs as part of the musical lineup in the beer tent.


Long-time customers may not be aware Jackson’s early creative output was primarily as a songwriter and professional musician.


In the early nineties his band, Nowhere Blossoms, released 2 albums and recorded a third.


Multiple Canadian tours and a European tour were all part of the rock and roll package.


Unexpected successes followed when his songs appeared on popular TV shows of the time Party of 5 and Dawson’s Creek. Jackson still receives the odd royalty cheque from those shows but more importantly Jackson has continued to write songs since he left the band and the rock and roll lifestyle behind.


While he may not be thrilled at the prospect of performing again after such a long absence from the stage, Jackson is a true community supporter and recognizes a chance to lend his substantial talents to a worthy community endeavour.


Be sure to catch Dave Jackson on the Strathearn Art Walk beer tent stage at 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 along with many other talented local musicians. >> full schedule

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